Doesn't Pay Attention in Class

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About the Comic

I have problems when it comes to paying attention in class.

Big Problems.

My notebooks all consist of 75-95% doodle with only 5-25% actual notes. Over the years I've saved a few notebooks if only to preserve those doodles. And one day I thought, "Hey, what if I could put all these drawings to use?"

So I started putting them on the internet, as a webcomic. That's what this is.

Fun Fact: Every comic has flyover text. For those who are not aware, it's a secret message that pops up when you hover your mouse over it for a little.

About the Author

The author is the type of person who draws incessently during class, posts those drawings on the internet, and writes paragraphs about himself in the third person. Arrogant, distracted, and lazy are a few words to describe him. He's also a high school student who is usally described by teachers as "not working to potential" and, of course, "doesn't pay attention in class."

Contact Info:
Email: banovg (AT) gmail (DOT) com
AIM screename: BanovG2

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